Season 2 Episode 5: The Backup Catcher

what a righty

After much fighting with our hosting site, it’s finally available!

This week’s edition of The Backup Catcher presents a very rare glimpse into the female brain. Why is it rare you ask? Because believe it or not, Brian and Van don’t always attract a lot of ladies. Deneé Hughes of Shoe the Doe and being Justin Hughes’ wife guests in another exciting segment of “Ask a Lady,” Justin also joins us for the continuation of our positional rankings as we take on the catcher position. Join us won’t you!? Continue reading


Episode 5: The Slow Descent as Presented by Bootu Inc.

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This week’s edition brings a first in many ways. It’s the first time Justin Hughes has guested on the podcast. It’s the first time we’ve discussed professional wrestling on the podcast. It’s the last time we will ever have to deal with 2005s Hitch on the podcast. And if you’re offended by the subject matter, we get it. This topic can be a divisive one, but we fell that if we didn’t talk about Hitch, then who would? Continue reading

Episode 4: The Backup Catcher


Hello fellow kids! It’s Van Lee (or Shipley, who knows) here and I have one question; are you ready to rank relief pitchers?! Because that’s what Brian and I do in this edition of the Backup Catcher, though there’s much more as well! We also discuss the recently signed Justin Upton and Chris Davis, play Witch is More, Generic Trivia, and record in Brian’s bedroom where he most likely does gross things! Join us! Continue reading

Episode 4:The Slow Descent as Presented by Bootu Inc.

guitar guy

It’s awards season, and what better way to pay tribute to said awards than to dedicate most of a podcast to discussing who won a lesser award and who might win a better one?! Joining hosts Brian and Van this week is movie aficionado and all-around lover of monkeyshines Curtis Killingsworth! The three boys go over Golden Globes winners, Oscars nominees and predictions, and everyone’s favorite post-apocalyptic travel piece; Mad Max: Fury Road. Continue reading

S2 E3: The Backup Catcher

Max Scherzer eyes

Preparations for the 2016 baseball season have begun as Van and Brian take you on a trip down evaluation lane as they give their top 25 Starting Pitchers for the approaching season. Van does so all under the guise of having just awoken from a nap and he sounds terrible… but what’s new?! The fella’ also discuss some new Free Agent signings, play Triple Slash, and are undeniably against the ninja. Enjoy! Continue reading

The Bootu Inc. Studios are Coming Along Nicely!

Bootu Inc Studio

As you can quasi-see in the photo here I finally received my green screen (though I need to finish building a way to hold it up), and I finished creating my spotlight things. Ultimately the goal with all of this is to be able to make higher quality videos and goofier shit. Well, that’s mostly the goal, the ULTIMATE goal is to make Blood Suction 2: Suck Harder. Continue reading

Episode 3: The Slow Descent as Presented by Bootu Inc.

More great things abound as Brian and Van discuss a variety of topics that can only be described as a vast variety! They cover the (spoiler) very good movie The Big Short, discuss one of Van’s greatest strengths in life in Tetris Attack for the SNES skills, and even talk about Colony. No not an ant colony, Colony, as debuting on the USA network and starring a litany of second rate characters from better shows. Continue reading