The Bootu Inc. Studios are Coming Along Nicely!

Bootu Inc Studio

As you can quasi-see in the photo here I finally received my green screen (though I need to finish building a way to hold it up), and I finished creating my spotlight things. Ultimately the goal with all of this is to be able to make higher quality videos and goofier shit. Well, that’s mostly the goal, the ULTIMATE goal is to make Blood Suction 2: Suck Harder.

And guess what? you can now be a part of it! I have registered with Patreon (you can find the link here and on the right hand side of the page with the giant Patreon logo), where you can donate as little as $1 a month to help me realize my dreams and goals.

Please don’t feel the NEED to donate though. I’m providing free terrible content for all of us to enjoy, but if you do have a budget to help out a poor, depressed, 30-year old whose life is virtually over, by all means, donate!



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