Episode 9: The Slow Descent as Presented by Bootu Inc.


Whoops! Brian Vaughan accidentally posted this episode on the wrong account and it went into the Backup Catcher’s feed. He has no regrets and I am now forced to flog him. Everything is now correct.

What a wonderfully special episode we have for you today folks! This time, Van talks about boners again! More importantly, hosts Van and Brian are joined once again by special guest host Curtis Killingsworth to discuss the 88th Academy Awards show! Exclamation points! The three gents go over winners, losers, controversy, and of course, bears. Ear parties abound! Continue reading


Episode 8: The Slow Descent as Presented by Bootu Inc.


Well hey there butt-heads! You sure are a bunch of sticky-butts! This week hosts Van and Brian (a real bunch of butt-butts) give you their review of the very successful new film Deadpool! And guess what, these two butt-hats didn’t like it that much! The two lay out a case for why it isn’t really as edgy as the excellent butt-based marketing campaign would lead you to believe. So get your butt out of your butt and listen to it you butt-bone! Continue reading

S2 Ep8: The Backup Catcher


New ventures ahoy! The Backup Sailor boys are here yet again with another seaworthy episode! The time Brian and Van are here to discuss the elusive white whale in the form of a brand new dynasty league draft. Ok, sorry, that’s all of the sea-based jokes I can do. But that dynasty thing is real. Brian, Van, and friend of the podcast and general all around Roman Reigns fan Justin Hughes joined a start-up dynasty league, and Van and Brian bring insight into draft strategies, crazy dollar amounts, and more! Then Justin joins in for the 3rd base rankings in a continuation of the last few weeks. Insanity! Continue reading

The Bootu Inc. Fantasy Baseball Extravaganza!

It’s finally here! The very first Bootu Inc. sponsored venture! I have recently undertaken a new fantasy baseball league and decided to give it the official Bootu Inc. stamp of approval. What this means for you, dear reader, is that you’re going to have to put up with my randomly written articles discussing the team, moves I’m considering, and all around angry rants when applicable. Continue reading

Replacing Scalia: Why It’s Lose-Lose for the GOP

WARNING: This is a political post. If you don’t want to read political posts, ignore this and look at my other things that involve farting or stupid pictures. You’ve been warned.

On Saturday Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia died while on a hunting trip in West Texas. Considering the name of the destination, the event taking place, and of course Scalia’s own political views, I’m certain that he couldn’t have dreamed up a better place to die. And no, Dick Cheney did not shoot him. Continue reading

Episode 7: The Slow Descent as Presented by Bootu Inc.

rich uncle pennybags.jpg

Bowling, golf, monopoly. While these three have always been held up as sports of champions, they have generally been sorely underrepresented in video games. Hosts Van Lee and Brian Vaughan are here to try to change that. This week they review Bruinswick Pro Bowling, Monopoly Family Fun Pack, and Rory McIlroy’s PGA Tour for the PS4, X-Box One, and Wii U! Continue reading

Around the Horn: 2/13/16

Ever wonder what’s going on with the top names in the best game in the World? Find out here as we ask the greatest minds in baseball about hot topics from around the league.


Gerritt Cole
“I got nothin’ but mad skills/that’s how I pay my bills
I pitch like a man/prove that I can
My fastball has cut like a gansta/I use it against ya
Fools I be gunnin/as they runnin’/Easter bunnin’
I get backwards k’s/more than there are days
hitters say ‘but…’/they feel it in they gut/got more followers than King Tut
Gerritt Cole, on the keys to his success, and whether he can improve Continue reading