Around the Horn: 3/19/16

Ever wonder what’s going on with the top names in the best game in the World? Find out here as we ask the greatest minds in baseball about hot topics from around the league.



“Sos one time a reporter, fella about your height, comes up to me and says, he says ‘Hey Tony, how’s about you wanna maybe could hit one out for my kid next game?!’ Next game I hit two home runs outta da park for that kid. The reporter? Let’s just say he’s on ice now. Nobody tells Fat Tony what to do.”

-Anthony Rizzo, on unusual fan requests

 james andrews.jpg

“Well, we took a bunch of pig parts and just kind of jammed them in there. It worked surprisingly well. You know the surgery today really isn’t that much different, we use horse parts now though.”

-Dr. James Andrews, on the first Tommy John surgery


“God just blessed me with durability and talent. And if that means all them babies gotta be born with diseases, then so be it.”

-Madison Bumgarner, on his success and longevity


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