S2 Ep17: The Backup Catcher


Ahoy friends! And welcome to the boat ride of a lifetime. Your hosts for this trip are none other than Brian Vaughan, Van Lee, and a returning Spencer Hendricks! Take note that these seamen are here to discuss America’s pasttime: Basedball. You’ll get to hear about the surging White Sox, superpowers, brothers in baseball, and more! Listen to Dr. Van’s Hall of Pain as Presented by The Infirmary Report Baseball! Listen to Brian yell a lot! Continue reading


Episode 13: The Slow Descent as Presented by Bootu Inc.

Road to Revenge.jpg

It has been too long my friends. Far too long you have waited for a new episode of TSDaPbBI Podcast. We apologize whole-heartedly for the delay, and to make it up to you we are giving you discussion of one of the top 3 cinematic masterpieces in history. It stars a man on a mission. Well, eventually he’s on a mission. The first 4/5ths of the movie is mostly just a romantic comedy. But he’s not just any man, he’s a mustachioed, gooey, heartthrob who knows doctor rape jokes and can speak Hamlet.

This is of course our review of the glorious train wreck of a film called Road to Revenge. Or Geteven. It can’t decide! You’re welcome yet again, America. Continue reading

S2 Ep16: The Backup Catcher


What a special edition we have for you today folks! Today marks the return of original co-host Spencer Hendricks, and he brings with him a whole host of jokes, observations, and Papa Slams! Van, Brian, and Spencer discuss Chris Sale’s great start, Brandon Belt’s contract extension, Tyler White and his comps, and much more! Also look for Dr. Van’s Hall of Pain as Presented by T.I.R. Baseball and a rousing game of Triple Slash. Oh, and Melissa Etheridge. Continue reading

S2 Ep15: The Backup Catcher


Did you know what yesterday 4/14/16 was? Why, it was the two year anniversary of the Backup Catcher podcast! Hooray and huzzah good folks of the interwebs! So on this groundbreaking episode, hosts Brian and Van discuss hot starts including Trevor Story, and Jeremy Hazelmankterveentts. They also discuss Noah Syndergaard at length and take bets on when the eventual Tommy John surgery will take place. In addition they also play generic trivia, and Dr. Van goes over the major injuries in the Hall of Pain as Presented by T.I.R. Baseball. Give it a hard listen won’t you? Continue reading

Van Lee of Bootu Inc. Gives YOU Fantasy Advice

Have you ever found yourself losing every daily fantasy baseball game you’ve played? Throwing away your hard earned millions because you picked Rusney Castillo at $48,000? Well that’s because you don’t have any idea what you’re doing! I do. I am an expert. I have won so many Scott O’Berg DFS challenges that it isn’t fair. And now I’m here to help YOU win big. Or small. Or free. However you want to play, you’ll be taking home the gold with my timely advice.

I have recently partnered with The Infirmary Report Baseball, as seen here, and more specifically here. They are known for bringing up-to-date injury notices to you, and I’m certain you’ve seen them when browsing the World Wide Web for news and updates. We provide not only injury updates though, as we also give baseball fantasy advice, football advice, and even player updates and descriptions. Check us out and you won’t regret anything. This is a cool opportunity for me and a great opportunity for you as the reader.

tir baseball.jpg

This week all of my DFS advice pages are free of charge, and you can also get every Monday’s sheets free throughout the season. But I’m not just saying these things all free and crazy-like, I’m also going to put my money where my mouth is. Each day I will be playing a contest on Draft Kings and on FanDuel using the advice I give and posting the results periodically here for everyone to either laugh at or be in awe at. Join me as we tear it up and win some cash folks. And of course I’m always available for questions you may have about fantasy, DFS, regular baseball, and well, anything else you can think of. 

Keep listening to The Backup Catcher podcast and The Slow Descent podcast, read things here at Bootu Inc, and win some money.


Episode 12: The Slow Descent as Presented by Bootu Inc.

shaq fu.png

Finally, The Rock has come back… to Dallas! Well, actually Arlington, but let’s not be too picky. This year’s Wrestlemania promised to be a show for the ages, with a triple main event including two old men heaving around, a talented top face getting squashed, and so many Superman Punches. It wasn’t all awful though, as Van and Brian invite fellow wrasslin’ aficionado Justin Hughes into the event’s discussion. Also, Lana is hot. Continue reading

S2 Ep13: The Backup Catcher


So close, yet still not all that far away. That is one way to describe the 2016 baseball season. It’s so close, I can touch it. I can touch it so good….. Oh. Hello there! So sorry you walked in on that uncomfortable moment. Unless… it’s something you’re interested in? Well, we can talk later. For now, we have the explosion fully loaded 2016 baseball season preview! Van and Brian go over who they think will win baseball, Dr. Van’s Hall of Pain (now as Presented by T.I.R. Baseball!), and other baseball related things! Continue reading