Around the Horn: 4/2/16

Ever wonder what’s going on with the top names in the best game in the World? Find out here as we ask the greatest minds in baseball about hot topics from around the league.


Bronson Arroyo

With arms wide open.”

-Bronson Arroyo, on how he would receive an invitation to pitch again

Matt Williams.jpg

He’s one of the premier talents in the game today, a kid who can transcend what we know about baseball. If I had it to do over, I would’ve had his back the whole way through. I hope he knows that.”

-Matt Williams, on Nationals reliever Jonathan Papelbon

Goose Gossage.jpg

There was two of ’em hidin’ in the tall grass, one with a faded yella shirt on and one goin’ commando. I picked ’em off like tin cans on a wooden plank and watched their heads split like soft melons in the summer sun. Takin’ a life ain’t pretty, but I’ll be damned if it ain’t the only way to keep them reds off our doorstep.”

-Goose Gossage, on the difference between his generation and players today


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