Van Lee of Bootu Inc. Gives YOU Fantasy Advice

Have you ever found yourself losing every daily fantasy baseball game you’ve played? Throwing away your hard earned millions because you picked Rusney Castillo at $48,000? Well that’s because you don’t have any idea what you’re doing! I do. I am an expert. I have won so many Scott O’Berg DFS challenges that it isn’t fair. And now I’m here to help YOU win big. Or small. Or free. However you want to play, you’ll be taking home the gold with my timely advice.

I have recently partnered with The Infirmary Report Baseball, as seen here, and more specifically here. They are known for bringing up-to-date injury notices to you, and I’m certain you’ve seen them when browsing the World Wide Web for news and updates. We provide not only injury updates though, as we also give baseball fantasy advice, football advice, and even player updates and descriptions. Check us out and you won’t regret anything. This is a cool opportunity for me and a great opportunity for you as the reader.

tir baseball.jpg

This week all of my DFS advice pages are free of charge, and you can also get every Monday’s sheets free throughout the season. But I’m not just saying these things all free and crazy-like, I’m also going to put my money where my mouth is. Each day I will be playing a contest on Draft Kings and on FanDuel using the advice I give and posting the results periodically here for everyone to either laugh at or be in awe at. Join me as we tear it up and win some cash folks. And of course I’m always available for questions you may have about fantasy, DFS, regular baseball, and well, anything else you can think of. 

Keep listening to The Backup Catcher podcast and The Slow Descent podcast, read things here at Bootu Inc, and win some money.



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