Episode 13: The Slow Descent as Presented by Bootu Inc.

Road to Revenge.jpg

It has been too long my friends. Far too long you have waited for a new episode of TSDaPbBI Podcast. We apologize whole-heartedly for the delay, and to make it up to you we are giving you discussion of one of the top 3 cinematic masterpieces in history. It stars a man on a mission. Well, eventually he’s on a mission. The first 4/5ths of the movie is mostly just a romantic comedy. But he’s not just any man, he’s a mustachioed, gooey, heartthrob who knows doctor rape jokes and can speak Hamlet.

This is of course our review of the glorious train wreck of a film called Road to Revenge. Or Geteven. It can’t decide! You’re welcome yet again, America.

Episode 13


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