S2 Ep20: The Backup Catcher

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Good day to everyone. Today we discuss baseball. There is much joy to be had. There is more Twins talk. There is more Red Sox talk. There is more Royals talk. Listen and enjoy. There shall be Which is More, Hall of Pain, and more. Enjoy. Assimilate. Continue reading


S2 Ep19: The Backup Catcher

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In today’s gut-wrenching episode, hosts Brian and Van discuss the big Blue Jays – Rangers brawl in detail, as well as the aftermath and fallout of it all. They also bring you even more MLB news including Bartolo Colon’s many children and decision to represent himself in a court of law, and other things I don’t remember. They discuss player injuries in Dr. Van’s Hall of Pain as Presented by the Infirmary Report, play Which is More, and Brian gets stumped in some generic trivia! Continue reading

Left Handed People are Not People


by Virginia Pendlestat

This country has gone to Hell. And I mean it. I remember back when it was taboo to even look at a Mexican none the less talk about giving them equal pay. I learned very quickly from my father, the late Earl Winston Dumphry, that we mustn’t consider those that are not our equals, our equals. The fact that he spent time in prison is not a blight on my family, it’s actually a source of pride. That negro had no right to be walking across the street like that. It was night out, and you can only see their teeth in the dark. Like eerie jungle cats peering out at you from the trees, ready to pounce and steal your children. Continue reading

S2 Ep18: The Backup Catcher


What is the meaning of life? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? These questions will absolutely not be answered on this week’s episode. Spencer Hendricks fills in for Van alongside Brian to discuss Dee Gordon’s suspension, Jose Altuve’s power breakout, and Joey Votto’s acute self-awareness. Plus Brian greedily takes over the Hall of Pain in Van’s absence and Kevin Slowey gets the airtime he’s richly deserved for so, so long. Continue reading