S2 Ep24: The Backup Catcher

Hamster Card

Today’s episode is a very special one! Well, not really. It’s more of your run-of-the-mill episode considering not a lot has gone on in the world of baseball. What did go on the boys of summer Brian and Van discuss, and it includes topics such as Stephen Strasburg’s injury, Travis Jankowski, Michael Conforto being sent down for some reason, and a lot of hamster talk. Listen and rejoice! Continue reading


S2 Ep23: The Backup Catcher


Good day fellow baseball fans! Today we present to you the newest episode of the Backup Catcher, in which hosts Brian and Van go over the latest baseball news including Rusney Castillo’s demotion, the origin of the term “yellow-bellied,” and the trade market! As always there is also Dr. Van’s Hall of Pain as Presented by the Infirmary Report Baseball, a “live” fantasy baseball trade between our two angry hosts, and a rousing game of Triple Slash! Continue reading

Episode 15: The Slow Descent as Presented by Bootu Inc. Episode 15

joe montague.jpg

Whoa! We have a crazy episode on our hands for you folks out there today. Today we discuss a myriad of topics including the 1985 hit sci-fi film The Galaxy Invader, in which a family of hobos valiantly fight off a peaceful green man while wearing hobo sacks. We also discuss The Resurrection of Jake the Snake, a documentary on Netflix also pertaining to a green man, former professional wrassler Jake the Snake Roberts and his redemption and victory over drugs and alchohol. We also introduce the very first drop-based segment in the podcast’s history; America the Amazing, where we discuss ghosts and witches. Also, Spencer Hendricks is here! Continue reading

S2 Ep22: The Backup Catcher


Today’s gnarly episode features yet another appearance by the totally funkadelic Spencer Hendricks, and even introduces his new segment: The Henhouse! Cowabunga! Van, Brian, and Spencer also tackle topics like Bryce Harper’s struggles, the amateur draft, player injuries in the Hall of Pain, and even more! It’s totally rad and full of skateboards. Continue reading

S2 Ep21: The Backup Catcher

blue collar.jpg

Today’s mishmash of garbage information is quite the spectacle. Hosts Brian and Van go through a myriad of topics including the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Banana Spiders, probably wizards again, and oh yeah, baseball talk. When it gets down to the baseball stuff they talk about Adam Duvall’s hot start, Matt Harvey’s nice 2-start stretch, Jake Arrieta, and of course, even more injury updates courtesy of the Hall of Pain as Presented by The Infirmary Report Baseball! This is a good one folks. Continue reading

Episode 14: The Slow Descent as Presented by Bootu Inc


SPOILERS WARNING: Everyone dies. That’s pretty much what the warning should say when you talk about Game of Thrones, which hosts Brian and Van do at great length today. They go full nerd on this one and discuss all that has happened so far in season 6, as well as various fan theories regarding Hot Pie. Seriously though, if you haven’t watched season 6 and you don’t want it to be ruined, then you’re an idiot because that’s what everyone wants to do: ruin it for everyone else. Listen and enjoy! Continue reading