It’s a Very Sad Day for Baseball Fans


I know I haven’t posted anything other than the odd podcast here and there lately, and that’s mostly just because I have been working a ton. I also don’t have my own place, and therefore when I am working I’m also living at work… so my free time is less productive than usual. I’ll try to get back into the swing of things, that I promise.  Continue reading


S2 Ep28: The Backup Catcher


Whoa! There was a bit of a layoff here. Better late than never I suppose. Well the boys are back, and better than, well, I guess they are more of the same. Anyway, hosts Brian Vaughan and Van Lee are here to talk about Stephen Strasburg, Jacob deGrom, the wild card races, David Ortiz, and other baseball related things! Oh and Brian realizes he was wrong about Anthony DeSclafini and cuts off a finger in disgrace. Enjoy!

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