S3 E1: The Backup Catcher


Gadzooks fellow human beings! It’s time once again for The Backup Catcher podcast! Hosts Van and Brian knew that you were just dying to hear Van’s sultry baritone croonings and Brian’s nasally wheeze, so they have once again joined forces for a 3rd season (?) to bring you all the best talk about baseball.

In this action packed episode, the boys discuss Jim “Mudcat” Grant, and Ugueth Urbina! Oh and actual relevant baseball stuff too. Also it’s Brian’s final episode ever. Good riddance.

Also there are the first of the positional rankings! The fellas start with relief pitcher and catcher, otherwise known as the stepchildren of positions. But there is plenty of great info to be gleaned if you’re really into complaining!

Also, this is part 1. Part 2 will include Van’s interviews for a replacements. I’m now out of “alsos.”



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