March 24th: Reflection Time

I always tend to look back on things on this day every year, actually I mostly just look back on all of my failures… of which there are many. Obviously there are some big ones from just the last few years but there are also the many small ones like not taking a step I wanted to take or being hesitant in a moment I shouldn’t have been. Or declaring that I have, in fact, listened to several Pitbull songs. 

But this year something cropped into my head that ultimately didn’t have anything to do with me, and I would like to share that experience with you, my loyal readers (all both of you).  Continue reading


S3E6: The Backup Catcher


It’s another week here at the Backup Catcher studious, and that means it’s another chance to hear Brian complain and Van lie about things! In today’s episode of the podcast, The fellas go over the WBC again for some reason, talk about Anthony DeSclafini’s injury for some reason, Van ranks a misheard group of people, and Brian goes along with it! At the end of the episode, look for their 3rd baseman rankings for the 2017 season, and listen for a new segment called ABCs! Continue reading

S3E5: The Backup Catcher

David Spade.jpg

How long does it usually take a baseball podcast to talk about baseball? Well, regardless of the answer to that question, hosts Van Lee and Brian Vaughan are here this week to challenge the status quo! In addition to their 2017 Shortstop rankings, the two hosts bring their trademark acerbic wit to discussions about Rob Schneider, Andrew Benintendi hitting in the 3-hole, the World Baseball Classic, Sonny Gray’s lat injury, and David Spade!

Highlights of the show include Dr. Van’s Hall of Pain, vampire talk, a heated game of Guess Who?, and a very special quote of the week segment! Continue reading

S3E4: The Backup Catcher


March is upon us fellow baseball friends! And that means that your drafts are starting and you’re probably curious as to where Brian has ranked Ryan Schimpf in his second base rankings. Well truth be told, you’re not going to find that out here, because Ryan Schimpf is most definitely not in Brian’s top 15. But you should listen and find out who is! Other things Brian and Van go over include David Price’s injury, a rousing game of General Trivia, Phil Collins, and a brand new song by Van! Continue reading