S3E9: The Backup Catcher

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Zounds! On this week’s insanely special episode, host Brian Vaughan is nowhere to be found! Actually, he’s likely in bed because he’s down with the sickness. But fret not! Another Brian, this one of the ‘y’ variety is here to fill in admirably!

Bryan Smith joins Van Lee as the duo discuss the Blue Jays’ slow start, the Machado-Pedroia slide debacle, Ichiro’s career, and dirt bike madness with Madison Bumgarner. They also play a few games including General Trivia and Done or Fun. Finally rounding out the episode the boys give you their favorite 90s rap songs with a baseball twist! Continue reading


S3E8: The Backup Catcher


Baseball is actually happening! Van and Brian are bursting with so much excitement about it, that they put out a podcast full of excitement and magic! Whoa wait, that may sound misleading. For once there actually was zero wyvern or wizard talk. Just pure, unfettered, baseball magic. The boys go over some hot and cold starts in the majors, mostly complaining about Mark Reynolds. They also bring back Shelly V’s Studs of the Week of the Ever, play a round of Triple Slash (which goes into overtime), and try and sell you some sweet DVDs. Give it a listen and conform! Continue reading

S3E7 Part 2: The Backup Catcher

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In part two of this week’s episode, hosts Van and Brian go over their predictions for World Series Champion 2017! They also play their yearly version of Repeat or Die, and pick awards winners for the season! If that synopsis was too full of logical baseball talk, don’t fret! They also talk about Liv Tyler and make Charlie Blackmon jokes the whole time! There’s something for everyone here at the Backup Catcher. Continue reading

S3E7: The Backup Catcher


Well hello there to all of our favorite… NEIGHbors!!! Hahahahaa lololololol horse joke! Ok, now that we have gotten that out of the way, on to professionalism! In today’s first of two part episode of the Backup Catcher, hosts Van and Brian give a rundown of several extensions signed in the Majors lately, discuss some player injuries, and go over our outfield rankings for the 2017 season. Don’t forget to download part 2 for our World Series predictions as well! Continue reading