Offseason 2016 Ep 5: The Backup Catcher


Are you ready to listen to a lot of talk about something other than the Blue Collar Comedy Tour? Do you want to hear what the Orioles are doing? Do you enjoy Will Smith songs? Then this is the podcast for you! Hosts Brian Vaughan and Van Lee discuss baseball and partying in the city where the heat is on in today’s episode, and they bust out a new game called Parts Unknown! Continue reading


Rogue One: The Slow Descent as Presented by Bootu Inc


UPDATE: It has come to the attention of the Bootu Inc. Studios that some people have had trouble with this episode. We are re-uploading it, and you can now use this link to listen to our hateful vitriol. Thanks, and sorry for the issues, jerks.

Just like the 90s dinosaur movie, They’re Back! I’m of course referring to the two non-tyrannosaurus hosts of this podcast, Van Lee and Brian Vaughan! Today the two idiots bring you their take on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which is (as expected) less glowing than every other review out there. Of course Brian also takes phone calls from a few special guests, and they talk about masterbation a lot! So nothing really changed. Continue reading

Offseason 2016 Ep 4: The Backup Catcher

Mature male trying to lift one kilo weights with a lot of effort

Since time has not ceased to exist, that means it’s once again an opportunity to listen to a BRAND NEW episode of the Backup Catcher Podcast! Hosts Van Lee and Brian Vaughan take on you a mystic journey through the land of trades, including the big Chris Sale swap, the Adam Eaton grab, and the most important one… the one where the Angels got Danny Espinosa! They also discuss Jose Bautista, Wilson Ramos, Dexter Fowler, and bring back Alias without Jennifer Garner! Rounding out the episode is some dynasty trade talk, so if you toss in a potato, baby you got yourself a stew! Continue reading

Offseason 2016 Ep 3: The Backup Catcher


Ugh. Well it happened again guys. The Backup Catcher was definitely taken over by more talk about the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. At least you definitely know that there will plenty of criticizing dumb comedy. Believe it or not though, we do talk about baseball quite a bit (some). Hosts Van and Brian discuss the big trade that went down between the Mariners and the Diamondbacks, the offseason for the Nationals, Dodgers debt rules, the CBA, and Pablo Sandoval. The boys also discuss a mock dynasty draft run by none other than them Nastycast boys Nathan Dokken, Joe Osadchy, and Jesse Jordan. They talk about who they took, why, and why it’s a terrible idea to take Trea Turner in the first round. Continue reading

Offseason 2016 Ep 2: The Backup Catcher

guess who.jpg

We’re back and we are better than ever (note: we’re not better than ever)! This week’s episode contains NSFW images and nudes. Or, it has baseball talk including Kendrys Morales’ signing with the Jays and what that means for Edwin Encarnacion, other player news (it’s mid-November… give us a break), America the Amazing, and we go over our picks for the end of season awards! Also more Guess who! Continue reading

Offseason 2016 Ep 1: The Backup Catcher


Gadzooks! We have new 2016 World Series Champions, and it’s in fact the lovable losers themselves, the Chicago Cubs! Brian and Van recount the World Series and what went right for the Cubs, what went wrong for the Indians, and everything in between. They discuss a few of the player news snippets that have cropped up including Cameron Maybin, Jason Hammel’s option, and more! They also play a new game called Guess Who?! Continue reading

S2Ep34: The Backup Catcher


We’re back and we’re here with even more talk about bones! But this time, it’s semi-relevant because said bones are attached to a skeleton and not related to a snarky lady solving cases with Angel or whatever. Brian and Van bring you this episode where they discuss the Cubs-Indians World Series and how it has transgressed so far. They also discuss playing Carlos Santana in left field, not playing Jason Heyward, the reliever awards, riding the white pony, and play a rendition of Triple Slash! Continue reading

S2Ep33: The Backup Catcher

cubs world series.jpgWell, that happened. It’s kind of hard to explain what occurred during this episode of the Backup Catcher, so you’ll just kind of have to listen and find out. Van and Brian did manage to discuss their picks for who will win the World Series, and they also played a game of Question for the Lost City, and rambled about other stuff. World Series! Continue reading

S2Ep32: The Backup Catcher


BASEBALLBASEBALLBASEBALL. That’s what’s happening right now. And here we have two gents preparing to tell you all about it! Brian and Van run through the ringer in this episode as they discuss David Ross at length, Jose Bautista constantly bitching, Trevor Bauer and his cleaning of a drone with a sword, and of course discuss a rousing edition of America the Amazing. Join us and laugh (or cry)! Continue reading

S2Ep31: The Backup Catcher


Now I know what you’re thinking. The Backup Catcher is pretty great. It’s witty, it’s fun, and it’s full of racism. And there’s one thing that could make it better, and it’s certainly not better hosts or different people. It’s new equipment!

To celebrate the new recording gear Brian and Van decide to discuss the playoffs thus far, players that they got right (either positively or negatively) for the 2016 season, and play Triple Slash where it goes down to the very wire…

Join us for the new era of recording, where you can hear Brian’s nasally voice and even more bad Van jokes in glorious High Definition. Continue reading