Friends Forever

“In times of trouble there are only two types of people who will stay by your side; true friends and David Schwimmer.”

If you like my work check out some pals and buds and swell fellas of mine:

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The Slow Descent

Written by none other than my co-host of the Backup Catcher Podcast and the podcast of the same name (plus Bootu Inc.), Brian Vaughan, The Slow Descent Blog covers virtually anything and everything (wrestling). Funny guy, well, kinda.

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The Nasty Cast/Fantasy Amateurs

The boys from one of the seven Dakotas of the US run a fantasy sports site at where they rank baseball and football players and other goofy stuff, and they also do a fantastic fantasy baseball podcast called the Nasty Cast. Go join Nate, Joe, and Jesse and see what the hype is about.

Flick Freaks Logo

Flick Freaks

These boys review everything media. Led by the charismatic Andrew Ormsby’s mustache, also has Brian Vaughan and other people I don’t know. Look how official their pictures are! I’ve guested once. I’m sure they learned their lesson.

Booing Kiki

Spencer Hendricks remains one of the few people on this planet that catches me by surprise. His humor and wit are not only top notch but go in places that most minds wouldn’t think to go. His blog focuses on his new journey as a Dallas Maverick’s fan, and lists Guy Fieri at least once.