Backup Catcher Drops?!

All in one place?! You betcha!

I couldn’t sleep (surprise, surprise), so I decided to finally start uploading some of these things to the interwebs. I put a series of drops that were created for the podcast up on there, so if you have interest in listening to techno music and hearing Brian say “boner” a lot, then you’ve found your destination. Continue reading


S3E5: The Backup Catcher

David Spade.jpg

How long does it usually take a baseball podcast to talk about baseball? Well, regardless of the answer to that question, hosts Van Lee and Brian Vaughan are here this week to challenge the status quo! In addition to their 2017 Shortstop rankings, the two hosts bring their trademark acerbic wit to discussions about Rob Schneider, Andrew Benintendi hitting in the 3-hole, the World Baseball Classic, Sonny Gray’s lat injury, and David Spade!

Highlights of the show include Dr. Van’s Hall of Pain, vampire talk, a heated game of Guess Who?, and a very special quote of the week segment! Continue reading

S3E4: The Backup Catcher


March is upon us fellow baseball friends! And that means that your drafts are starting and you’re probably curious as to where Brian has ranked Ryan Schimpf in his second base rankings. Well truth be told, you’re not going to find that out here, because Ryan Schimpf is most definitely not in Brian’s top 15. But you should listen and find out who is! Other things Brian and Van go over include David Price’s injury, a rousing game of General Trivia, Phil Collins, and a brand new song by Van! Continue reading

S3 Ep3: The Backup Catcher


Holy slightly better quality Batman! Brian and Van return for this weeks episode with a little bit better of a connection and a penchant for talking about stupid things! Said stupid things include Jung-Ho Kang and his insistence on gettin’ lit and crashing, Alex Rodriguez and his minotaur paintings, the decision to revamp the intentional walk rule, Dr. Van’s Hall of Pain, and even a rousing game of Which is More? where Brian decides his new thing is that he’s “cool.”

Give us a listen and check out the new website at! That’s right, IT FINALLY HAPPENED. The website is up, there are Moises Alou facts, and even pictures of Van and Brian! Continue reading

S3 Ep2: The Backup Catcher

CJ Wilson.jpg

UPDATE: I had some issues with some apps not downloading the episode… hopefully it is now fixed after a re-upload. Let me know if you’re still having issues. -Van

Are you tired of sitting in a dark room, the deafening sound of silence clawing at your ears? Are you sitting on your bean bag chair thinking “gee, I wish I had some stupid baseball crap to listen to!”? Well then am I going to vomit up some good news for you! The boys are back and the boys are ready to preview starting pitchers! Van and Brian also discuss things like CJ Wilson becoming a professional racer… other relevant news, and did I mention starting pitcher rankings?! Brian is also joined by a very special guest when Van wanders off to take a poop! Continue reading

S3 The Search for the Co-Host: The Backup Catcher


After listening to the very first episode of the third season of The Backup Catcher, you’re acutely aware of the fact that Brian Vaughan has chosen to abandon the podcast for a life in the sex work field. And this is all despite his being a terrible man-slut. Well that forces our hero Van Lee to search for a replacement co-host, and here are those results. Who will be the new co-host of the podcast?! Listen and find out! Continue reading

S3 E1: The Backup Catcher


Gadzooks fellow human beings! It’s time once again for The Backup Catcher podcast! Hosts Van and Brian knew that you were just dying to hear Van’s sultry baritone croonings and Brian’s nasally wheeze, so they have once again joined forces for a 3rd season (?) to bring you all the best talk about baseball.

In this action packed episode, the boys discuss Jim “Mudcat” Grant, and Ugueth Urbina! Oh and actual relevant baseball stuff too. Also it’s Brian’s final episode ever. Good riddance.

Also there are the first of the positional rankings! The fellas start with relief pitcher and catcher, otherwise known as the stepchildren of positions. But there is plenty of great info to be gleaned if you’re really into complaining!

Also, this is part 1. Part 2 will include Van’s interviews for a replacements. I’m now out of “alsos.”

LISTEN AT IT Continue reading

Around the Horn 2/6/17

Ever wonder what’s going on with the top names in the best game in the world? Find out here as we ask the greatest minds in baseball about hot topics from around the league.



They give you a key to the city but it’s not like a normal key. It’s way too big and you have to order a special key ring to put it on. That’s $7 I’ll never get back.

-Kris Bryant, on the worst thing about being a World Series Champion Continue reading

Another Sad Day for Baseball Fans


Yet another tragic death of a young Major League player occurred today when Yordano Ventura dies in a car crash in the Dominican Republic. Along with Ventura, former player Andy Marte also perished in the accident. I’m not sure of the specifics surrounding the event, but to be honest, I’m not interested in finding them out. This has been happening way too much lately, and I’m simply not a fan of people dying.

I never was a big Ventura fan, he was a bit brash and arrogant, but for his life and career to be cut so short is a travesty. As always, I deal with this the same way I deal with all tragedies: stupidity. So here is my tribute video to Yordano Ventura.